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Today, in this post, i am telling people how Google Opinion Rewards can make money online.

 first of all you have to open your Play Store, then you have to search in Play Store, Google Opinion Rewards, then friend you download Leo  After downloading, you have to sign up with your Google account, after that how can you earn from Google Opinion Rewards, after opening Google Opinion Rewards, you have to complete a small survey in this, friends, we just have your name and some  The question is asked, etc., you have to give the correct answer in that which you think is right. Such a friend you do not get any record. One thing, friends, you have to turn on your location and wait for a few days.  After that you will see that you have to open your Google Opinion Report and you have to wait for a few days, after that you will see that you will have access to Google Opinion Rewards, which you can make money online by completing
Google Opinion Rewards online

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