Ishtiyak Khan: The barrier of physique, looks and features has been shattered

Ludo actor Ishtiyak Khan says since the pandemic struck the viewing pattern of audience has wholly transformed. And the trend of realistic cinema has helped actors like him get important and noticeable roles.

“Nowadays, we rarely shoot in Mumbai and films are set in real locations — Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Madhya Pradesh or in the Himalayas. This trend of realistic cinema has provided ample opportunity for artistes like us. The barrier of physique, looks and features has been shattered totally. Definition of hero too has been redefined,”says the actor on his recent visit to Lucknow.

Just before the lockdown he shot for Maidaan in Lucknow and within a year he shot for Khuda Hazif-2 (2022), Acting Ka Bhoot and more recently wrapped Jaaiye Aap Kahan Jayengey starring Karan Aanand and Monal Gajjar in the state capital.

“There is lot of focus on character artistes and their roles are being carved sensibly. We are getting a lot of scope to express ourselves and showcase our talent. Character artistes is no more just a comedy piece or a filler,” says the Phas Gaye Re Obama (2010) actor.

Khan trying to strike a balance between web, TV and films. “It’s great to get to challenge yourself as an actor. The out-of-the-box style of comedy in The Kapil Sharma Show (as father-in-law) is a way to explore new genre and connect with the mass audience. Besides, I am getting to do films and series too. So, what more can actor ask for!”

Irrespective of medium he is just seeking good roles. “The major criteria for me that my role should be good and defining. Thereafter follows the choice of director and project.”

The actor is excited about the multiple projects that he has shot for. “I have a long list of releases including Maidan, Capsule Gill, Shukra Dosh and more. Currently, I am shooting for Vipul Shah’s web series Commando and have more work is in the pipeline.”

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