manifest love while you sleep

manifest love while you sleep

manifest love while you sleep
manifest love while you sleep

Welcome to your meditation.

We’ll begin this meditation by settling into

our bodies.

Once we become aware of our bodies, we are

able to fall into the subconscious mind more

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manifest love while you sleep

If you want to stay awake for this meditation

I recommend sitting up, otherwise lie down

comfortably on your back with your spine straight.

If you are sitting up I want you to start

by sitting up straight, pulling your chin

down to aligning your neck with your spine,

keeping yourself alert in the meditation,

so that you don’t drift off to sleep.

Face your palms upward to be open and connect

with the energy around you.

It is important to the universe to know that

you are open to receiving what it has to offer

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Know that you deserve everything you desire

and everything the universe has to offer.

Once you are confident in that, you can call

anything into your life.

Become aware of how you feel in the space

around you.

Notice any noises or disturbances, but do

not engage with them.

Simply observe them and breathe them in and


No one needs anything from you right now

No one is expecting anything from you right

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You have nowhere to go

This is a time to be with yourself and your


Settle in.

Begin your cycle of breath that will be our

anchor throughout this practice

Inhale and exhale

Inhale and exhale

Inhale and exhale

Become aware of your whole body.

We can start with your feet.

When you focus on a certain body part, you

are able to bring and feel energy into that

body part.   Get your manifestation guide

We will use this to relax our bodies and prepare

it for an energetic shift throughout the practice.

Feel the energy in your feet, feel them start

to tingle, and slowly move that energy up

your body.


your calves

Your thighs

Your hips

Your stomach

Your heart.   Get your manifestation guide

Your collarbone

Your shoulders

Inhaling and exhaling, keeping that cycle

of breath

Your arms

Your fingers

Your throat

Your third eye

And the crown of your head.

Let your body relax so you that you can access

your subconscious mind.

Breathe this energy through your body.

Become aware of how your breath keeps you

focused and connected with yourself and with

the universe.

Feel how this focused breath helps you birth

your intentions and your wants.

Your breath is a vehicle between your body

and everything that you desire.

Trust in the process of your breath.

Inhale and exhale

Inhale and exhale

Inhale and exhale

Melt into your body.

Feel your body.

Feel at peace with your body.

Set an intention for this meditation.

Are you looking for love?


Long-lasting companionship?

Or is about your current partner and where

you want to be in the relationship with them?

Get as clear as possible on what it is you


The universe will respond to your clear intention.

Define the relationship that you want with

another person.

Become curious about your desire.

This desire, human connection – is at the

core of your being.

Everyone has this desire.

Everyone is seeking a similar connection – romantic

love, sexuality, or companionship.

No one is immune to those desires.

That means there is someone out there ready

to experience these same desires with you.

Focus on your desire and intention.

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On your next inhale, repeat to yourself – I

deserve this connection.

On your next exhale, repeat – I am ready to

call this connection into my life.

Breathe in – I can feel my desire

Breathe out – I am ready to experience my


Breathe in – I can see clearly what I want

Breathe out – I know that it is coming toward


You are consciously connecting to the powerful

energy of the universe.

You are part of and come from this universe,

universe that is driven and created from a

desire, a call, call to create, whatever it

may be.

If you are seeking something that you desire,

that desire becomes created and available

for you.

Every possibility that you can imagine exists

in the universe.

As Rumi says,

‘what you seek is seeking you’

Take a long moment and be grateful for that


Breathe in that gratitude.

Saturate in your gratitude.

With each grateful breath in, you are becoming

a part of everything positive that is working

in the universe.

You are calling in a positive experience.

Be simply grateful that your life can change.

When you feel your future feelings in the

present moment, you are beginning to live

and expand into that what you wish to have

in the future, bringing you closer and closer

to it.

It is not out of desperation; you are feeling


You are feeling joy.

You are feeling at peace.

When you are grateful for something that has

yet to happen, you and the power of the universe

bring it that much closer to you.

By bringing your future into your present

moment, you are helping to create your future.

This is the art of manifesting.

You have the power to attract the partner

that you have been longing for.

When you are ready, take that intention and

begin to visualize this person.

Breathe in, breathe out.

Bring this person into your meditation.

Visualize what they look like.

See them moving toward you.

Imagine that you are standing in a giant,

sunny field with this person

Now imagine this person standing across from


Visualize them looking at you

How they look at you is everything that you’ve


See them take your hands in theirs.

Keep breathing; keep anchoring yourself to

the present moment.

In this present moment is where your future

manifestations are being born; present moment

is where all that you want begins to unfold.

Everything you want is already here, in front

of your mind’92s eye.

Inhale and exhale

Inhale and exhale

Inhale and exhale

On your next inhale, with your partner standing

across from you in this sunny, peaceful, quiet

field, imagine looking up at the beautiful

and heavenly sky.

As you begin to enjoy the view of the sky

a golden light begins descending from the

sky above you two.

The golden light begins to move slowly down

to where the two of you stand.

As you both look up at the light, you feel

a sense of true calm and peace inside of your


Your hearts become open to receiving this


This light continues to move toward you.

Entering your bodies through the crown of

your head.

The light slowly fills your bodies.

It fills your hearts.

It illuminates your intentions towards each


You see each other, full of light, full of

connection and strong feelings for each other.

The golden light wraps the two of you together,

slowly and powerfully circling your bodies

and healing them by melting away any hurtful

past or heartbreak.

This is a new, fresh start.

You are surrounded and in presence of the

powerful light of the universe.

The light that fulfils your perfect desires.

As you look at each other again, all you see

is that golden light.

You see the sense of calm in your partner.

You feel calm.

You feel peaceful.

Inhale and exhale

Inhale and exhale

Inhale and exhale

Begin to bring forth all of the feelings that

you want to feel.

Whether that is romantic love

Whether that is seduction

Whether that is attraction

Or all three

All of these feelings and connections to your

partner are available for you to experience.

Bring your focus to the feelings you want

to experience.

Allow every cell down to every atom in your

body to vibrate with the same energy frequency

as these feelings you want to experience with

your partner.

Your body and mind are linked.

You are in harmony with each other.

Keep visualizing that golden light surrounding

you from within and out.

The golden light continues to grow stronger

in each of you and around you.

Pulling you together.

Bringing you closer and more connected.

You two become that same light.

You are one.

You are not afraid.

You do not doubt.

You feel clarity.

You do not bring fear into this relationship.

Neither does your partner.

You both bring pure connection and deep clarity.

The connection that you desire is possible

for you.

It is here right now.

This light that surrounds you is pure, and

nothing harmful can enter this energy you

are experiencing.

You deserve these feelings, this light, and

this person.

Now I want you to bring back your intention

that you set at the beginning of the meditation.

Breathe into your intention.

As you visualize this person standing in front

of you, I want you to explore this intention

a little deeper.

What is it about this person that fulfills

your wishes?

Is it the way they look at you?

The way they touch you?

The happiness you feel?

The security you feel?

The way they complement you in partnership?

Imagine what your 

relationship looks like with them.

How you feel in the relationship, how you

are treated, how you treat your partner, how

attracted you are.

Let your imagination run wild with future

sensual, happy moments with your partner.

Imagine what you are looking forward to the


It doesn’t matter how long you have waited

for their presence.

Their presence is here with you now, and your

longing is fulfilled.

Breathe into this person’s presence and begin

to identify why they make you feel good, happy,

and fulfilled.

Breathe in

Breathe out

Breathe in

Breathe out

Breathe in

Breathe out

As you continue to breathe and dwell in this

light, you visualize this union creating a

freedom from everything that limits you from

this human experience.

You are free from any limiting beliefs that

you may hold in your mind.

You are free from the limiting beliefs you

hold about this relationship.

Your relationship is limitless.

You are no longer confined by your status

in society.

Or what will happen in the future.

Or the outcome of the relationship.

This relationship will provide full connection

and freedom that you desire.

What matters to the two of you is the joy

and gratitude you feel in this moment.

You are the only ones present in this field.

The only ones experiences this light.

You are enveloped in the golden light that

connects and protects both of you, as you

hold hands with your desired partner.

That golden light is the universal energy

of union, of becoming deeply connected.

You and this person are one.

You feel strong

You feel secure

You feel joy in receiving what you have called


You begin to sense and feel guided towards

the actions you need to take to make your

desires come true.

Inhale and exhale

Inhale and exhale

Inhale and exhale

What you visualize in your subconscious will

manifest in physical form.

Take your time.

There is no rush, or hurry.

What you are longing for is worth the wait.

Do not get hung up on the time that it might


Resistance will only will only slow down or

cancel the manifestation process.

Just breathe, release your desire, and trust

that you are in the creative frequency with

the universe.

Trust that the universe is bringing forth

what you want.

The universe responds to all of your desires.

Inhale and exhale

Inhale and exhale

Inhale and exhale

Continue this cycle of breath and listen to

sound of your breathing.

Let the sound of your breath be your guide.

Just as before, I want you to start to gently

bring your awareness back to your body.

Using your breath, become aware of your toes.

Bringing back that same tingling energy you

felt in your toes.

Leading it up your legs, your calves, your

thighs, your hips, your stomach, your heart,

your arms, your fingers, your collarbone,

your throat, your jaw, your cheeks, your eyelids.

Finally resting it on the crown of your head.

Releasing any extra energy into the space

around you, leaving you calm yet alert.

Keep your eyes closed.

Become aware of the space and the room around


Become aware of any sounds you might hear.

Feel the solidness of the chair or ground

you’re sitting or laying on.

Feel the energy in the room around you.

Become more aware and feeling refreshed.

There’s no rush to come out of this practice.

You are free to relax.

Take a mental note of any feelings of clarity

or inspired action.

Take a moment to begin to move around.

Breathe as you move around.

Inhale and exhale.

On your inhale stretch, and on your exhale


Inhale and exhale.

Trust in the process.

Inhale and exhale.

Get your manifestation guide

Trust that you are already living what you

have experienced in your subconscious mind.

You are now ready to experience its physical


Gently open your eyes.


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