Renters Insurance Philadelphia USA 2021

 Renters Insurance Philadelphia USA 2021

Renters Insurance Philadelphia 2021
Renters Insurance Philadelphia 2021

Philadelphia residents have tons to feel good about — the Eagles won the Super Bowl and are positioned to compete for years to return, and rent prices have remained at reasonable levels whilst they’ve skyrocketed in other East Coast cities. because the number of renters increases within the City of solidarity, so should the number of individuals purchasing renters insurance.

Renters insurance ensures that your individualized effects are covered. There are countless reasons you ought to consider renters insurance if you reside in Philadelphia, from rate affordability to the high risk of weather-related damage to break-ins. Read on to find out more about why renters insurance is sensible for Philadelphia residents.

Best renters insurance companies in Philadelphia

Insurance Company Monthly Cost – $500 Deductible Monthly Cost – $1,000 Deductible

State Farm     $15.67 $14.92

Allstate          $25.00 $23.00

Travelers        $19.00 $17.00

Stillwater       $12.08 $12.08

Lemonade      $12.67 $11.09

Method We extracted renters insurance quotes online from five of the supreme affordable insurance businesses State Farm, Lemonade, Allstate, Travelers, and Stillwater. Citations were for lines with$ 500 and$ deductibles for a 30- era- old manly apartment renter. We deferred to the foremost comparable coverage amounts when identical policies were unavailable.

State Farm Allstate Travelers Stillwater Lemonade

Property Coverage     $20,000 $20,000 $30,000 $20,000 $20,000

Liability Coverage     $100,000 $100,000 $100,000 $100,000 $100,000

Medical payments to others     $1,000 $1,000 $1,000 $2,000 $1,000

*Understanding renters insurance quotes

Renters insurance is about much more than simply protecting your personal estate. Here’s a rundown of the components you ought to search for during a policy when comparing renters insurance rates.

*Property coverage: a reimbursement for lost, stolen, or damaged property.

*Liability coverage: covers legal expenses within the event someone is injured in your residence and that they sue you.

*Loss of use: covers temporary living expenses if your residence becomes uninhabitable.

*Medical payments to others: covers medical costs within the event someone is injured in your residence and requires medical treatment.

We’ve reached a complete explainer of what renters insurance covers presently.

Is renters insurance legally required in Philadelphia?

No, renters insurance isn’t a legal requirement in Philadelphia or the state of Pennsylvania, but landlords and management companies may include a provision within the lease that needs renters insurance as a condition for signing, and this is often completely legal.

In fact, considering Philadelphia’s susceptibility to harsh snowstorms, and recently, hurricanes, landlords could also be doing Philadelphians a favor by requiring renters insurance.

Reasons to shop for renters insurance in Philadelphia

Renters insurance is among a number of the foremost affordable insurance types to shop for, and considering your most cherished personal belongings are typically stored in your residence or Warehouse units, it should be a no-brainer in any town.

And while instances of burglary have decreased by almost half over the past decade in Philadelphia, property crime as an entire (arson, larceny, burglary) remains about 22% above the national average.† Renters insurance may be a nice safeguard to possess, given the high theft potential of urban areas.


As for weather, Philadelphia experiences almost every element, though nothing in hazardous amounts.‡ But the storm potential and unpredictability of East Coast cities is ever-present in Philadelphia, and therefore the recent trend of tropical storms drifting north is especially unsettling.

Thankfully, renters insurance protects separate plunder against risks like wind, hail, and violence. However, it won’t cover other hurricane-related perils like flood damage, which are some things to stay in mind once you select a policy.


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