Shah Rukh Khan’s bungalow Mannat gets new ‘diamond’ name plate and gate, fans trend it on Twitter

Shah Rukh Khan’s Bandra residence Mannat now has a new look about it. The popular landmark recently got a new LED name plate that is illuminated after dark as well as a new entrance gate. The house’s façade is pretty popular as fans routinely go there to click pictures and selfies and the actor also greets fans from a platform above it on special occasions. The new look led to fans tweeting about it and the house even trended on Twitter briefly on Sunday. Also read: Shah Rukh Khan’s home Mannat’s new nameplate goes missing, puzzled fans share

On Saturday night and Sunday, several fans and Shah Rukh fan clubs shared pictures of the new look of Mannat’s exterior. The name plate in front of the gate had been taken down earlier this year amid reports that it was being repaired. Now, a new name plate that many fans called a ‘diamond name plate’ was installed. The LED plate wasn’t the only new thing as the gate was also changed. The old, rusting gate gave way to a new black and white painted one.

A fan club tweeted pics and videos from Mannat and wrote, “Finally our wait is over & here our the lovely diamond name plates at Mannat with the new Gate.” The pictures showed the new name plates–which read Mannat and Lands End–glowing in the dark. Several other fan clubs shared pictures from the day as well on Sunday. Fans were seen getting clicked in front of the new gate, some even copying Shah Rukh’s signature raised arms pose.

In April, Mannat had trended when a new name plate was installed at the gate after years. But barely a month later, fans noted that the new name plate was absent. Several fans wondered if it was stolen, but others have pointed out it is unlikely given the security situation at Shah Rukh’s house. Some even wondered if it was part of some interior (exterior?) design experiment of Gauri Khan. However, a source told HT that “it was taken down for repair. It’s inside the house, in fact in the garden, and will be put back once it’s repaired.” That name plate never did return but six months later, a new one has taken its place finally.

The Mannat name plate has become a favourite selfie spot for fans over the years. This year, Shah Rukh also resumed his practice of greeting fans from the house’s viewing balcony. He appeared thrice–once on Eid and twice on his birthday earlier this month. Till a few years ago, the actor routinely greeted fans from the spot and even brought his kids with him at times. His appearances, however, have been sporadic since the pandemic hit.

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