Stupid Love Lyrics – Lady Gaga Leak

Lady Gaga’s new song ” Stupid Love Lyrics ” leaks out, squeaks a little monster

Stupid Love Lyrics – Lady Gaga

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Stupid Love Lyrics - Lady Gaga
Stupid Love Lyrics – Lady Gaga

Mother monster is back. Lady Gaga’s new song “Stupid Love” has leaked, and the Little Monsters are freaked out. According to page 6, on Tuesday, January 21, one day before the 33-year-old “Born This Way” singer, a Gaga old-fashioned truck was leaked and was due to be officially released in February.

Stupid Love Lyrics – Lady Gaga

Thanks to Gaga’s record label Interscope, most of the missing audio is now erased from the Internet. But for those who hear it, the track is described as a bright, high-energy, disco-inspired bop, much like Gaga’s early music. (See “Birthplace”) “You are the one I’ve been waiting for / You must stop this cry / No one will heal if you don’t open the door / Some of the incredible leaked lyrics read.

Not surprisingly, fans are more into Gaga music. “Gay bop, Heavenly vocals, nostalgia born this way, disco pop, Lady Gaga offering a synth of the 80’s in one song … yes, everyone was amazed. Another wrote: But after my son played stupid love, I was surprised and dropped lasagna! “

If “Stupid Love” was the first single on Gaga’s forthcoming sixth album, it would be a significant departure from her latest record, Joanne’s song. “Stupid Love” will also be Gaga’s first single as a pop star since the one-off single “The Cure” in 2017. Meanwhile, Gaga has released several songs from the A Star Is Born soundtrack, including “Shallow”. Bradley Cooper, who reached number one on the Billboard Hot 100 chart).

Stupid Love Lyrics – Lady Gaga

All this is to say that LG6 is coming, little monster, better to be ready.

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