Taking a chance cuz i like you a lot lyrics

Taking a chance cuz I like you a lot of lyrics

aka Renai Circulation (English Cover) [TV Size] by Lizz Robinett

One, two

It’s so hard to see it

But darling, let’s face it

These feelings we’re feeling

Cannot be ignored

If you’re scared that you’ll see something you’ll regret

Well love is something that’s best with life

Avoid a fight and be polite

Just shut up

Wait a second, that ain’t right

Every journey’s gotta start with a step

So go on out there and give it your best

I’m taking a chance ’cause I like you a lot

So I’ll give it a shot, give it all that I got

La de da de da

La de da de de

Suddenly you call my name

And I lose my brain

And I float up to the moon

La de da de de

La de da de da

When you laugh it makes me smile

And I love your style

So I wrote a song to this tune

Thank you stars for giving to me

The greatest gift that’s still yet to be

I don’t mind if fate’s playing games

I’m happy all the same

It’s so hard to say it

But darling, let’s face it

These feelings revealing

Cannot be ignored

So I’ll work on this letter

‘Til our timing gets better


Yours truly

And forevermore

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