Top 10 Sofas Set Under 20000 India

Top 10 Sofas Set Under 20000 India

Top 10 Sofas Set Under 20,000 India Choosing the best sofa set is quite difficult because there are so many options in the online and offline market.

That’s why we are here to provide you with the best sofa set under 20000. So how did we create the list of top 10 sofa sets under 20000 India? What are the criteria?

We are created the list of the top 10 sofas set under 20000 is when we are creating the list we are decided on the main criteria of sofa Lage is is the quality of the sofas and durability and the price are the main criteria of our list top 10 sofas set under 20000 India

Top 10 sofa set under 20000

1 Adorn India Aspen 3 seater sofa cum bed

This sofa is made from wood foam upholstery fabric and the color is brown. This offer is already assembled and you don’t need to assemble it. Adult India manufactures the sofa this offer is around 38 kg of weight the sofa length is 190.5 cm with width 99.1 cm and height is 101.6 cm and the size of this sofa is 48 cm.

2 Modern Sofa Classic Three Seater Leatherette Beige Color

This sofa length is 70 inches worth 32 inches and height 34 inches made from foam, leather, and wood this offer is manufactured by an M device and the sofa is 45 kg of weight with the sofa is 3 seater

3. Royal interior metal single size sofa come bed with hydraulic storage 3 seater brown

This sofa 3 seater made by wood form and modern style and brown color this sofa is required carpenter assembly at buyer end and this offer can be used as a bed the sofa is manufactured by royal interiors and weight of the sofa is about 45 kg dimensions are 193 cm of length 121.9 cm of width and 91.4 cm of height this modern-looking sofa is very good in quality.

4. Wooden solid Sheesham wood 3 seater sofa set with cushions

This sofa is a 3 seater made of Sheesham wood. This sofa requires self-assembly at the customer end, the sofa is manufactured by Mamta furniture and dimensions are 45 CM length, 45 CM of width, and 100 CM of height it has 3 seaters and it has cushions.

5. Homecentre polyester Emily fabric 3 seater sofa

Please sofa made of fabric polyester and 3 seaters contemporary style add required carpenter assembly with provided by the seller length of the sofa is 184 cm with of 92 cm and height of a CM this sofa is manufactured by lifestyle INTprivate limited that is and the weight of the sofa is about 46 kg.

6. Amazon brand solimo Halley 3 seater sofa come bed with storage

This sofas brand is an Amazon sofa it can easily convert to a bed and petals offer dimensions of the sofa age 202 CM plan 101 cm of width and 85 CM of height sofa 3 seaters and it has Nifty storage space for keeping anything.

7. Amazon brand solimo Newport fabric 2 seater settee sofa brown

This Amazon brand sofa comes with 2 seats made by fabric contemporary styled and plastic frame materials dimensions of this sofa are 156.2 CM of length 85 CM off with and 81.2 CM of height. The weight of the sofa is about 29 kg and manufactured by durian industries limited private limited.

8. Sleepyhead foldable fabric sofa come bed with washable zipper cover

This sofa is manufactured by duroflex private limited weight of about 23 kg and dimensions are 190 4.5 of length 121.92 2 CM of with and 25.4 CM of height this sofa these sofas cover it was you can be it can be open by zipping.

9. Amazon brand solimo Tarano 3 seater Leatherette and fabric sofa

This sofa is made from high-quality Leatherette fabric, this fabric does not lose color. Dimensions of the sofa are 77-inch length 29-inch width and 27-inch height this sofa is 3 seater and weight 39 kg is manufactured by Marv furniture mind private limited.

*A premium sofa

10. Funterior decency L safe corner 5 seater fabric gray sofa

This premium sofa is made of molfino fabric and is manufactured by furniture. The dimensions are 21 3.36 length 86.36 off with and 81.28 CM of the sofa is 5 seater and a premium sofa in this list.

Conclusion of  Top 10 Sofas Set Under 20000 India

In this post you read about the top 10 sofas under 20000 all our best at their price tenth sofa is one of the most premium sofas in this list you can compare with the sofa all the sofa of this list are three-seater 2 seater and one 5 seaters. so far of this list are available on Amazon you can easily go there by using the buy now button 

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